Utility token from CryptoTab

CryptoTab Coin (CTC)

We present you CryptoTab Coin — the official cryptocurrency of CryptoTab®! CTC is used in CryptoCompany OÜ products and provides users with instant access to the benefits of the entire ecosystem without additional network fees. In addition, CTC is a convenient and fast way to pay for CryptoCompany services and products.


Solution for smart consumers

CTC owners get instant access to benefits and services, as well as a convenient way to pay for services within an ecosystem that already has more than 40 million active users in more than 220 countries.

CryptoTab is a developed ecosystem that continuously offers users more new, profitable and convenient solutions

From scratch to the developed ecosystem with its own utility token

CryptoCompany’s mission is to create the most advanced products and services to make interaction with the crypto industry safe, convenient, and accessible to everyone. Since 2018, the CryptoTab ecosystem has expanded to 17 demanded products with a worldwide audience and its own utility token!

CryptoTab Extension
The first browser extension that allows mining BTC on a PC of any capacity.
CryptoTab® trademark officially registеred.
CryptoTab Affiliate
Affiliate Program allows CryptoTab users to invite referrals and get a bonus equal to a percentage of their mining profits. And also, an additional percentage is given for each user invited by referrals — up to the 10 level of the mining network.
A browser extension that allows shortening links and earning BTC for clicking on them.
CryptoTab Browser
The world's first browser with a unique built-in mining algorithm that makes it easy to earn BTC. More than 30 million users all over the world are already using it.
CryptoTab Browser® and CryptoBrowser® trademarks officially registered.
CryptoTab Browser Mobile
CryptoTab Browser Mobile is an app that allows using Cloud.Boost technology and earning BTC on any smartphone. At the moment, Lite, Pro, and Max versions are available for installation in the AppStore and PlayMarket.
VPN service for mobile devices that allows you to choose which apps use a secure connection, optimize traffic, and use one license on 1000 devices. The whole world without walls and restrictions!
CryptoTab START
CryptoTab START is a Chrome extension that adds on the home page useful tools: a to-do list, notes, weather forecast, colorful HD wallpapers, and other features. The extension also provides access to your account in the CryptoTab mining system.
CT Access
VPN browser service with over 600,000 active users. No need to install a separate executable file and go through complex connection settings — just add an extension to enjoy secure and anonymous Internet access from any public place or network.
The easiest way to keep your tabs organized. Convert your opened tabs into lists and groups, and create as many ones as you want. Edit and restore them back to separate tabs — in just one click.
CryptoTab Farm
Allows controlling of hundreds of mining computers from one phone. Set a schedule, control the hashrate, and monitor any indicators, even the temperature of the cores, online.
A unique app that allows you to create your own tags to organize your photos at ease. Your tags do not disappear even when transferring from mobile devices to a desktop or cloud service and back.
A unique service where everyone can earn with memes. Create or share funny images, get responses from people all over the world, and earn bitcoins at the same time. What’s more, MemesTab is going to integrate into NFT technology soon!
NC Wallet
NC Wallet — the world's first commission-free wallet. A high level of security, and easy-to-use service, as well as a wide variety of supported cryptocurrencies, make NC Wallet a great wallet for both beginners and experienced users!
CryptoTab NFT
NFT give their owner an opportunity for unique automatic customizations of CryptoCompany OÜ products and allow interaction with the CryptoTab community with tens of millions of users around the world.
CryptoBot®officially registered mascot of CryptoCompany OÜ
CT NFT Mining
Next step in the CryptoTab ecosystem development. CT NFT is an innovative service for NFT Mining that provides users with an income in BTC and a stable hashrate, regardless of the power of the hardware. Available on any device!
CryptoTab Coin
The official cryptocurrency of the CryptoTab ecosystem, which provides users with many unique opportunities and ways for interaction. What’s more, CTC is a convenient way to pay for CryptoTab services at a reduced cost and without extra network fees. Learn more about CryptoTab Coin contract here.
CryptoTab Collectibles
Manifest your individuality with one-of-a-kind NFT! Each of 10,000 NFT is a unique AI-generated piece of art of high value that grants special features in the CryptoTab services. Collect, use, gift, or sell it — as you wish!
CryptoTab Live Eggs
Unparalleled collection of Live Eggs that you can hatch to retrieve tokens from different CryptoTab-Official collections. The world’s first NFT collection that is changing right on OpenSea: perform unique interactions to hatch an egg, watch it changing and share the progress — now everyone on OpenSea could see it!
CT Pool
Innovative service that allows users to mine Bitcoin without using their own hardware. Thanks to the pool mining technology, CT Pool can be used in any browser, on any device and reach incredible speeds of up to 20 million H/s.
CT Store
Fully independent NFT marketplace for CryptoTab tokens. All NFTs from current ecosystem collections are available on CT Store without additional commissions and overpayments, but with full information about each token functionality and multiple payment methods.
CT Eggs
Age of Eggs collections are unique NFTs that provide an endless stream of new tokens from hatching, while embracing their full potential in CT Pool. Next-generation smart contracts, a commission on every resale, hatching on the world's largest marketplaces — the shift in the NFT-World has arrived!
Upcoming NFT Projects...
Mass NFT creator, NFT Mining updates, community development, innovative services and technologies… Get the best experience in using the most advanced technological solutions in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Soon you will be able use CryptoTab Coin to buy exclusive tokens or get Huge Discounts!

Soon you will be able to use CryptoTab Coin to buy NFT from unique and unparalleled CryptoTab collections that won't be available for purchase for any other cryptocurrency. And that's not the end of possibilities — use CTC to get a huge purchase discount on other NFT from the official CryptoTab collections!


Soon CryptoTab Coin will be used to purchase other unique NFT...

Marketplace based on CryptoTab Coins with token minting for everyone

Marketplace based on CryptoTab Coins with token minting for everyone that aims to make NFT accessible and easy to use for almost anyone in the world. Intuitive and easy-to-use interface, payment methods that support CryptoTab Coin and token minting based on CryptoTab's own smart contract.


4 billion CryptoTab Coins

CryptoTab Coin is a high-tech currency, that implements the ERC-20 standard, allows tens of millions of users to perform various actions in the ecosystem with maximum speed as well as convenience, opens up unique opportunities, and all this without additional network fees!

You can check CryptoTab Coin smart contract details here


Join CryptoTab Staking to gain your profit

CryptoTab Staking service opens up a new approach to getting stable income from staking. You no longer need to worry about risks! Forget about fluctuating rates of staking cryptocurrencies: calculate your income and rent coins using the latest NFT technologies.

CryptoTab Stacking is currently in a closed beta test

We can notify you of the launch by email —

Get CTC now for just $1 USD!

Inflation is burning up people's savings around the world, and the crypto market continues to weather the storm. Invest in CTC, a new round of industry development. CryptoTab Coin's rate remains stable and the application field is constantly growing. Convert cryptocurrency or use a bank card - buying CTC is practical, profitable and convenient!

1 CTC for 1 USD

CryptoTab Coin will be available on public crypto trading platforms in 2023. Take your chance to buy it just for $1.00 USD!


Developed by CryptoCompany OÜ

CryptoTab Coin is created by a team of experienced developers and designers to provide users with the best experience in using the most advanced technological solutions of the world of cryptocurrencies. We are constantly working on creating new products, making interaction with the crypto industry safe, convenient and accessible for everyone. Find out more about us on the company's website.